Facebook Campaign Management

Facebook Ad Agency Dubai

Identify The Audience

Identify your audience that can generate the best results for your campaign goals based on Demographics like Geolocation, Age and Gender and Interest Areas - possibly important life events also.

A/B Testing

Trying different campaign settings, creatives and graphics to see which one delivers your message across and scaling up the campaign that generates best results

Audience and Campaign

Trying out more variations with audience and your campaign budgets to generate and improve on results and customer engagement.

Measure ROI

Always monitoring AOV, CPM, CPC, CPE and other buzzwords that define the KPI for your facebook advertising campaign and keeping you posted with progress.

Choose the perfect plan

Options to choose from as it fits your business requirements





Frequently asked questions

More than 80% users on Internet are on Facebook or one of the Facebook Products like Instagram. This is a huge audience who checks the app on daily basis to stay in touch with their friends, relatives and professional contacts. You can advertise on Facebook to get your message across and generate more customer engagement and sales using the potential of these platforms.

Depending on your target size and campaign goal, this answer can vary. If you are a local business like a Laundry or Restaurant, you may want to target those in 10-20 miles radius which is possibly 50-100K Audience. But if you are a telecom company with countrywide presence, your audience size is as much as population of the country. Now based on the audience, you can understand that the budgets will vary but you can get started for as low as $50 in ad budget.

Absolutely. As long as your business activities are legal and do not violate community guidelines. 

Thats really good to know. Please feel free to call or email us with your query and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about advertising on facebook.

InstaNorth Marketing Services is an approved Agency with Facebook with Agency account. You will not need to share your login credentials will us if you choose to work with us and you can allow us Agency Access to your Ad Manager Account where you can control the budget, update billing information and if required, remove our access at any point of time.