WhatsApp Communication Solutions

Enterprise Communication to reach out to your Customers – Your message in Text, Graphic, Video or PDF Brochures

Cost Effective WhatsApp Communication Solutions

WhatsApp for Insurance

Multimedia Messages for reaching out to your present customers and leads to drive more conversions

Multi Media Messaging for Education

Complete Turnkey solution with Restful APIs available to interact with your CRM that can be implemented with Integration
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WhatsApp for Restaurants

Keep your customers updated with your latest offers and menu additions by announcing on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Promotions

Have them scan a QR Code at your outlet to opt in for your promotions and leave the rest to us. Keep them coming for more at your outlet.
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More than 200 million users are using WhatsApp and somehow each message on WhatsApp gets read and generates responses. WhatsApp Business APIs can be implemented in Multiple Ways where one of the option is using our Dashboard where you upload your user data and compose the message that you wish to broadcast and within a few seconds, you start getting delivery reports and responses from these customers. You do not need to bring in your own number (unless you want to) as we will be using our numbers for sending out your promotional messages and all the responses received will be available on your dashboard or can be forwarded to your slack channel if required with sender details.

International Account Verification using OTP

The solution does not require SMS Gateway unless you want a fall back option and can be used to send OTP, Promotional Messages, Transactional Confirmation, Account Verification messages to local as well as international numbers. Take an example of a Car Rental business where the potential customer has a number that belongs to Malaysia. When using traditional SMS Gateways for OTP Validation, you add the cost of International SMS from your home country to Malaysia to send one message to this customer with code and maybe another message for confirmation. These costs can be avoided with WhatsApp OTP solution which can work equally well with local as well as International messaging.


WhatsApp Business APIs

WhatsApp Business APIs have man use cases varying from Insurance, Banking, Retail, Car Rental Companies, Automobile Workshops, Schools and Colleges, Religious Establishments. Practically, any business that is moving towards Digital Record keeping can utilize these APIs to optimize and improve the process leading to increased accuracy, efficiency and ultimately increased profits. 

You might have your own ideas about how you would like to consume WhatsApp Business APIs with your application. Please feel free to contact us to know more about how this can help.