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Track Magazine Advertisement RoI

Print Magazines have always been a one way communication medium but with QR Codes, you can get user feedbacks and increase customer engagement with your business even with traditional media like Print Magazines. Smart Analytics that are the core of our solution present you insights into which media and which campaign is bringing in most of your sales and customer engagement. Keep Reading for More.

How Do I Track Customer Engagement from Magazine Advertisement

How Does This Work?

QR Code Generation

The Process of tracking Magazine Advertisement starts with generating a unique QR Code for every media, campaign or advertisement that you wish to track independently.

How Long Are These Valid?

Some of your magazines might have a shelf life of 3 days while some may have a life of more than 90 days so you know that your advertisement that appeared in February in still generating some actions in June. The QR Stays Valid and is unique for you. Lifetime Yours!!

Do I need to change my Advertising Agency?

Absolutely NOT. You are happy with your present advertising agency and we would like to keep it that way. We will work in coordination with your ad agency for implementing this solution where they handle the creative part and we handle the customer engagement analytics part.

Any Other Benefits?

Comparing with the usual action on Print Magazine Advertisements, that is a sales phone number available in business hours, the QR Codes engage with your audience 24X7X365. So they can always connect with your website, user registration, signing up for your offers or shop online. Even drop in an email for sales team with their contact information.

How Does User Engage with us?

Every QR Code generated will have a unique action associated with the scan. The user will be called to perform this action in ad copy and we track how many times and when this action happens. You will have dynamic control of these action so you can always fine tune the campaign even after its printed.

What does the User Need?

Any Android or Apple Phone that has a camera. Well practically that covers almost all the phones. Internet is required only if the action you have defined for the code requires internet. For example, he can add your helpline number by scanning your QR Code without needing internet but he cannot send a WhatsApp message without internet if that is what the defined action is.

Still Got Questions?

Thats Great!!

We are happy to answer any questions that you have or any ideas that you would like to implement using QR Codes and Data Analytics. Please get in touch with us, our office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Faridabad, India but we offer our services across the globe as long as you are connected to Internet.


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