QR Code to Fight COVID19

Sarawak QR Code Corona


Saravak State implementation of QR Code to fight Corona is one of the possible useful tools with QR Code Implementation

QR Codes to Fight COVID19 / Corona Virus

State of Sarawak has implemented a QR Code based tag to fight corona. Every visitor will be issued this QR Code and will have to carry this at all times. This also includes registration on a Mobile App along with the QR Code Identification which is GPS Enabled and will keep track of all the movements by the visitor.

Using this mobile app, it will be easy to trace the movement by the visitor in case a trace is required at any stage. The kit also carries the general instructions to stay safe and keep others safe and a stay home notice issued to fight corona pandemic in Malaysia.

The solution is implementing both QR Code and GPS technologies using Mobile Phone Application Development to prepare a database and track user movements across the state or Sarawak Malaysia which can be useful in case the visitor is every tested positive for Corona Virus tests.


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